Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Quilt Market Dream Came True. (Fall Quilt Market Houston 2014)

Hi! I want to share my trip to Quilt Market.  One month ago on October 23rd I embarked on my first journey to Quilt Market! Attending Quilt Market had been a dream of mine for a very long time.  It was an amazing trip! It is so wonderful to know what Quilt Market is really like after imagining it for many years.  It was such a fun trip! I met some many nice people who share my love for sewing and fabric! :-)

We arrived in Houston just in time to see this beautiful sunset!
Picking out classes to go to at School House at Quilt Market!
Waiting in line for Sample Spree to begin!
Post Sample Spree goodies!

 We heart Cotton+Steel!
 I finally met Amy Butler!
      Amy's booth                                                                        
I met Valori Wells!
I met all of the Cotton+Steel gals! Kim, Rashida, Melody, Sarah and Alexia.
I met Anna Maria Horner!

I met Sew Caroline in person!

I met Tina Givens!
 I met Tula Pink!

Tula's booth:

Congratulations on 35 years, Quilt Market!

So, Quilt Market was awesome! I wish I could go every year! :-)

-Allie Ann :-)

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Sol Hoodie Pattern by Jamie Christina

Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you all about a great pattern that has been a favorite of mine since I made my first one about a year or so ago.  The pattern I'm referring to is one by Jamie Christina. I've sewn a few of her patterns before and they are of great quality. I especially love the Sol Hoodie.  The Sol Hoodie is the pattern I'm showing you today.  I love the first one I made but I had a hard time finding the right fabric to use to make it a true jacket weight hoodie.  I love the second one more because the fabric is just right for a jacket and it's blue! What I really love about this pattern overall is of-course the statement ribbon on the front zipper and the hood. This pattern is a great one to use those gorgeous Renaissance Ribbons on. I also love that it is a comfy and casual hoodie. It also includes thumb holes!

And here is the second one that I just recently finished:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here. The fabric is sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee and can be found here.

Here is the first hoodie I made:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here.

And here is the second one that I just recently finished:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here. The fabric is sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee and can be found here.

-Allie Ann :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Picnic Skirt Pattern by Sew Caroline

Hi readers! I'm back on the blog to share my latest pattern testing endeavor. I had the opportunity to pattern test for Sew Caroline again. This time I tested one of her latest patterns, The Picnic Skirt. This pattern will be available soon along with another new pattern, The Waterfall Tank. I really enjoy pattern testing. There's something really neat about it! I love sewing, of course,  and when pattern testing one is able to make something great and help give feedback to the pattern designer.  This pattern is another great one from Sew Caroline. I love how it is simple in construction yet the way it it drapes and flows gives such beauty to the skirt. I especially love how subtle the high-low hem is and that a zipper is included in the back of the skirt. Anyway it's a very nice pattern and will be out soon. I sewed mine up in Joel Dewberry rayon that I'd been saving for something special. I fell in love with this fabric right when I saw it! I love all the fun little flowers in the design.
Here's my Picnic Skirt:

-Allie Ann :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sugar Pop Top Pattern by Sew Caroline

Hi!  I'm really excited to share that I had the opportunity to be a pattern tester for Sew Caroline!  It was so fun to pattern test for the first time.  Sew Caroline's patterns are great and this one is no different.  It is a really cute top pattern that features a peter pan collar, two sleeve options and a hi lo hem line.  I love the subtle flutter sleeves!  When I first thought of making the sugar pop top, I dreamed of the fabric I would use.  I went to one of my favorite fabric shops to find the perefect fabric for my Sugar Pop Top.  The fabric I decided on is Kaffe Fassett's Lotus Stripe.  I found this same fabric online and if you need some too it can be found here.  The Sugar Pop Top will be avaliable soon in Sew Caroline's pattern shop(here) along with her other clothing patterns.  Anyway, I had a blast being a pattern tester for Sew Caroline.  I think the top turned out great with the fabric I chose.

PS: You should check out Sew Caroline's new fabric line out in July, Gleeful.

-Allie Ann :-)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Frenchy Bag Pattern

Hi all!  I've sewn up a countless number of bags since I began sewing.  I love Amy Butler's bag  patterns most of all!  I don't know how, but up until now I had'nt sewn The Frency Bag Pattern by Amy Butler.  Well by no suprise, I love this pattern too! :)  It's simple and fun and the finished bag is a great size.  I especially love the fabric I chose for my first Frency Bag.  It's Fox Field,  Tula Pink's most recent fabric collection.  It's gorgeous.  I love all the vibrant colors!
P.S.  I'm really excited to be participating in the upcoming mystery quilting craftsy class with Tula Pink!  You might just see the quilt show up here soon.

-Allie Ann :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Out and About Dress Pattern by Sew Caroline

If you like sewing cute dresses, this pattern is for you.  I just sewed up this cute dress and it was sew fun!  Of course I love to sew and this is a great pattern.  Caroline of Sew Caroline has an awesome blog, check it out here.  You can buy her pattern there and she also has other patterns and DIYs.  As you will see, she has sewned a countless number of dresses and many other projects.  I know personally that after sewing many projects one is more than qualified to make an awesome pattern.  I can hardly wait to come out with my own patterns one day :-).  I also love the super cute fabric I got to make the dress with.  It's from Girl Charlee Fabrics and you can find it here.  If you end up making a dress, check out the contest here.

-Allie Ann Sews :-)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pineapple Slices Pillow

When I first saw the Pineapple Slices pillows, I thought they were just too cute! I love the design.  I got a kit from when she was offering swatches from her upcoming fabric line, Foxfield, with every order.  The swatches show just how pretty her next fabric line is.  I'm excited to get some yardage from it.  I'll make something cute with the swatches just like how I used the swatches from Acacia to make the coupon pouch.  The swatches are so fun to get to see the new fabric and make a little something with them.  I think they would be great for some little hexagons.

oh and here's a video of Tula Pink signing my copy of her book.  My friend, Debbie, owner at Elk Horn Quilt Company asked her to sign it for me at Quilt Market this past fall.

-Allie Ann :-)

Elk Horn Quilt Company Quilt Kit

Hi! Some time ago, I purchased a quilt kit from Elk Horn Quilt Company. I like all the beautiful fabrics in the kit. The fabrics were all from Tina Given's fabric line, Haven's edge.  The fabrics are all so colorful and unique.  I love how the quilt turned out.

-Allie Ann :-)