Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Parkside Shorts and Skirt by Sew Caroline

Hey everyone! Calling all sewists! Sew Caroline's newest pattern, Parkside Shorts and Skirt, was just recently released and you will love it. It's a great pattern for beginners who've just started sewing as well as seasoned sewers who need a quick and simple project to wip up! I know because I was one of many testers for this pattern and it sews up great. It's great for a sewing fix when you just need to sew and don't have time to cut out a bunch of pattern pieces. The pattern includes both shorts and skirt so you'll have a lot of options and Caroline is working of extra pocket tutorials to go with the pattern. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pattern and start sewing and I haven't told you the best part yet. The Parkside Shorts and Skirt pattern is on sale now through the end of the week! Go buy, download, print and paste it and you'll be on your way to a new pair of shorts or skirt of even better, sew both! Grab some stash fabric and get going, that's what I did!
PS: You can see Sew Caroline's post about her pattern here and you can see all the testers photos here.
-Allie Ann :-)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Bag of 2015

I made this bag for my friend, Debbie of Elkhorn Quilt Company. She sells great fabric, quilt kits, and sewing supplies. Her website is here. I made this bag with Katarina Roccella's new line for Art Gallery Fabrics, Wonderland. I really like this fabric line, it's so cute. I love how the fabric looks in this pattern as well. I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year! Here's to 2016, may it be filled with sewing.
- Allie Ann :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Santa Rosa Plum Jam

Hi all! My family has a Santa Rosa plum tree in our yard and just love eating plums fresh from the tree. Some many of our plums have begun to ripen and fall from the tree so I thought jam would be a great way to use them. 
Santa Rosa Plum Jam(more like sauce***not thick but great flavor)
-4 cups of plums, pitted
-1 cup or sugar 
-the juice from 1/2 of a small lemon 
-To begin, add all the ingredients to a large pot and stir together.
-Next, place the pot on the stove on low-medium heat, stirring constantly.
-I used a electronic hand mixer to break the plum into smaller pieces.
-Take care not to boil or burn your jam.
-The jam will simmer for about 30 minutes until it is a slightly thick sauce.
-Allow sauce to cool then pour into glass jars and chill in refrigerator to further thicken th the jam.

-Enjoy with butter on toast or English muffins or try over vanilla ice cream :-).
-Allie Ann :-)

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Kind of Mexican Rice

I love a good Mexican rice from a favorite Mexican resturant. For the longest time, I've wanted to make some delicious rice at home. A few months back, I finally began to search the internet for the best, most delicious Mexican rice recipe. I found a lot of recipes for Mexican and Spanish rice! I filtered through them and did some trial and error batches of rice. After all of that I came up with the following recipe which I really find to be very delicious.
•2 cups long grain rice(it's important that it be long grain)
•4 cups chicken broth
•1/4 cup olive oil 
•heaping 1/2 cup tomato sauce
•1/2 teaspoon cumin
•1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
•1/2 teaspoon ground oregano
•1/2 teaspoon black pepper(I like to add quite a bit more because I really like pepper)
•fresh onion(chopped finely)
•fresh jalapeño(halved and most seeds removed depending on your taste for heat...ps don't remove with bare hands) 
•a large pot with a lid
1. Heat olive oil on medium to high heat depending on how quick you can stir your rice in(6-8 heat level)
2. When the olive oil is heated(you will see some fizzling) add your rice and onion and stir often until lightly golden

3.When rice is sizzling and golden brown, stir in the tomato sauce

4.When rice it somewhat whiter and the sauce has stuck to it pour in chicken broth 
5.Stir in the chicken broth then add all the spices and fresh Jalapeño and stir that in as well

6.Bring the rice to a boil then lower the heat to 2-3 and cover the pot. Make sure the rice maintains a light boil throughout the cooking process. 
7.Let the rice cook, covered for 15 minutes...Do NOT remove lid
8.After 15 minutes, take the pot off of the burner, Do NOT remove the lid and let stand for another 5 minutes
9.After five minutes you can finally remove the lid and stir the rice, bringing the bottom rice to the top
10.Grab a bowl and scoop up some scrumptious rice! Or even better make tacos, enchiladas, burritos with fresh Mexican rice
-Allie Ann :-)
P.S. I hope to add a new sewing DIY soon just thought I'd share this recipe :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Downtown Tunic Pattern by Sew Caroline

Hey, ya'll!  I had the honor of pattern testing for Caroline of Sew Caroline again!  This time I tested the Downtown Tunic pattern! I've found that it is such a cute and sweet pattern! Simply choose a couple of coordinating fabrics(1 knit for the main tunic piece and 1 woven for the skirt piece).
The top piece is Anna Maria Horner KNIT and the bottom skirt piece is Melody Miller(Cotton+Steel) voile(WOVEN).  I think these two fabrics ended up looking fantastic together!  They are a great match! I heart fabrics ;-)
This side view shows the excellent drape and flow of the skirt piece of the Downtown Tunic pattern.
Thanks for reading! Go sew one up? You'll have fun! :-)
- Allie Ann :-)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Quilt Market Dream Came True. (Fall Quilt Market Houston 2014)

Hi! I want to share my trip to Quilt Market.  One month ago on October 23rd I embarked on my first journey to Quilt Market! Attending Quilt Market had been a dream of mine for a very long time.  It was an amazing trip! It is so wonderful to know what Quilt Market is really like after imagining it for many years.  It was such a fun trip! I met some many nice people who share my love for sewing and fabric! :-)

We arrived in Houston just in time to see this beautiful sunset!
Picking out classes to go to at School House at Quilt Market!
Waiting in line for Sample Spree to begin!
Post Sample Spree goodies!

 We heart Cotton+Steel!
 I finally met Amy Butler!
      Amy's booth                                                                        
I met Valori Wells!
I met all of the Cotton+Steel gals! Kim, Rashida, Melody, Sarah and Alexia.
I met Anna Maria Horner!

I met Sew Caroline in person!

I met Tina Givens!
 I met Tula Pink!

Tula's booth:

Congratulations on 35 years, Quilt Market!

So, Quilt Market was awesome! I wish I could go every year! :-)

-Allie Ann :-)

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Sol Hoodie Pattern by Jamie Christina

Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you all about a great pattern that has been a favorite of mine since I made my first one about a year or so ago.  The pattern I'm referring to is one by Jamie Christina. I've sewn a few of her patterns before and they are of great quality. I especially love the Sol Hoodie.  The Sol Hoodie is the pattern I'm showing you today.  I love the first one I made but I had a hard time finding the right fabric to use to make it a true jacket weight hoodie.  I love the second one more because the fabric is just right for a jacket and it's blue! What I really love about this pattern overall is of-course the statement ribbon on the front zipper and the hood. This pattern is a great one to use those gorgeous Renaissance Ribbons on. I also love that it is a comfy and casual hoodie. It also includes thumb holes!

And here is the second one that I just recently finished:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here. The fabric is sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee and can be found here.

Here is the first hoodie I made:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here.

And here is the second one that I just recently finished:

The ribbon I used here is designed by Amy Butler for Renaissance Ribbons and can be found here and here. The fabric is sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee and can be found here.

-Allie Ann :-)