Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Crestwood

Hi all!  Quite awhile ago, I made the crestwood purse.  I really enjoyed sewing up this purse, so I decided to make another.  One of the reasons I like this pattern, besides the ruffles of-course, is the use of batting instead of an actual interfacing.   It makes the purse very soft.  I had been staring at two neatly folded fabrics on my ironing board for awhile because they were gorgeous and for that very reason, difficult to cut.  Then I remembered this bag and knew the fabrics would be great for it.

The first purse
The second purse

The second purse was made using Tula Pink fabric. You can find the flower fabric here & the raccoon fabric here.  

The inside of the bag looks like this:
Here you can see the top and side panels as well as the pocket and bottom of the bag. The other side also includes a pocket the same size.

I like both purses, but the second is my favorite right now because I just finished it!

-Allie Ann :-)

Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Quilted Coupon Pouch by Allie Ann Designs

Hello readers! I'm back with the first DIY I'll be sharing with you. It is a coupon pouch or it could also be used as a wallet.

To start, I sewed (24) 2.5 inch squares together with quarter-inch seam allowances. It will be a rectangle that is 4 squares by 6 squares.

Next, add batting and backing then quilt as desired. I quilted straight lines a quarter-inch on both sides of every seam of the pieced block. You'll notice I serged the edges of my block, but it isn't necessary.
Now you will need to cut out as many 1.5 inch stripes you need to add binding around the block depending on the length of the fabric you're using(I used extra scraps).
Sew your binding around the block with a quarter-inch seam allowance, mittering the corners with care. Then fold the fabric other and hand sew the other side of the binding to the "mini quilt."(Bind it the same way you would bind a quilt). With the binding finished, you will have a mini quilt like the one below.

Fold up the piece with right side up for the pocket and sew it down a quarter-inch in from the edge, then hand sew velcro to the top of the pocket and the bottom of the flap that folds down to creat the pouch and you're down.

 Now fill it up and enjoy!

-Allie Ann :-)